Group Activity (Present ~ 2013)


Dr. Jianbo's Farewell

2021 Highly Cited Researcher (HCR), Clarivate Analytics

Group Hiking 2021

128th General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society (KCS)

Teresa's Farewell

Suhyeon and Hyeyun stayed at the Glorius group

Dr. Sangwon Seo's wedding

Dr. Jeonghyo Lee's Wedding

Teacher's Day

Zoom Group Seminar

Dr. Seung Youn Hong, selected as the finalists of 2020 Reaxys PhD Prize


S-Oil & Reaxys Prize

(Dr. Seung Youn Hong)

Ph.D. Defense
(Jinwoo, Yeongyu, Jia)

2020 Highly Cited Researcher (HCR), Clarivate Analytics

2020 개교 49주년 기념식 - 청현창의상 (Dr. Seung Youn Hong)


작가와 과학자의 만남 - 소설가로 산다는 것 그리고 과학자로 산다는 것

The 7th IBS-CCHF workshop

124th General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society (KCS)

Junior International Conference on Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Asia (ICCEOAC)

Organic Chemistry Division of KCS

Yoonsu Park, Selected as a rising star of chemistry to watch in 2019 by ACS & Elsevier

Korea Best Scientist and Technologist Award, President of Korea

Teachers' Day

Strawberry Party

CaRLa Winter School at Heidelberg

Lab renovation (#3116)


2018 Year-end luncheon

The 6th KAIST-IBS workshop

C&FC in Thailand (10/Dec~14/Dec)

KSOS in Gyeongju (14/Nov)

IKCOC-14 in Japan (12/Nov~16/Nov)

1st Korea Toray Science Foundation Awards

Group Outing: Mt. Gyeryong Hiking

OM&CAT in Taiwan (22/June~25/June)

Rooting for the National Soccer Team

SBC Group's 20th anniversary: Homecoming day

2018 KAIST-IBS Spring Symposium

Strawberry Party

Lecture beginning seminar of Dept.of Chem

개교 47주년 기념식 학술대상

s-oil 우수학위논문상 화학부분 대상


2017 Year-end luncheon

KCS Organic Chemistry Division

Lab renovation (#3110)



ChemScholar Lecture


2016 Year-end luncheon

2016 2nd IBS-SRC joint symposium

After Ph.D. defense and proposal (광민, 승윤, 유영, 진성)

2016 OM&Cat

2016 Yoshida Prize

2016 IBS mini symposium

2016 20th International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis (Kyoto)

2016 Professor's Birthday

2016 International C-H Functionalization Workshop (Nagoya)

2016 Sports day

Outstanding researcher award (IBS) - Dr. Gandhamsetty Narashimhulu


2015 4th IBS-CCHF Workshop in Muju

2015 Sports day (7/17)

2015 Coffee break (6/25)

2015 Strawberry Party

2015 CCHF-ITbM Joint Symposium


2014 3rd IBS-CCHF Workshop in Muju

2014 Teacher's Day

2014 Strawberry Party


2013 2nd IBS-CCHF Workshop

2013 제 14회 한국과학상

2013 제 9경암학술

2013 Prof. Robert Grubbs Seminar

2013 1st IBS-CCHF Workshop in Muju