Group News

(10/13/2021~10/15/2021) SBC group attended 128th General Meeting of the KCS in Busan! Minhan received the award for best poster presentation. Congratulations!

(09/27/2021) Teresa will go back to Germany, so group members took pictures with her. Good bye, Teresa!

(09/27/2021) Suhyeon and Hyeyun stayed at the lab of Prof. Frank Glorius (University of Muenster, Germany). Welcome back!

(09/24/2021) Hyeyun and Hoimin's paper on Visible-Light Induced C(sp²)–H Amidation with an Aryl–Alkyl σ-Bond Relocation via Redox-Neutral Radical-Polar Crossover is accepted in Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations to Hyeyun, Hoimin, Jiwoo and Dongwook!

(09/24/2021) Manoj and Dr. Jung-Woo Park's paper on Regioselective Access to α-Vinylsilanes and α-Vinylgermanes by Cobalt-catalyzed Migratory Hydrofunctionalization of 2-Alkynes is accepeted in ACS Catalysis. Congratulations to Manoj, Dongwook and Dr. Jung-Woo Park!

Group Web Page Renewal!

(09/06/2021) Our new group web page is now online. Also, we appreciate to have a new group logo designed by Dr. Youyoung Kim!

(07/05/2021) We enjoyed the specially decorated cake together. Happy birthday to Prof. Chang!

(05/20/2021) Seongho's ACS Catalysis paper on electrochemical C–H oxygenation using rhodium catalysts is now on-line. Congratulations to Seongho, Jinwoo, Dongwook and Jung-Woo!

(05/12/2021) Our review on the development of C–H amination catalysis using dioxazolones as amidating sources has been accepted in Acc. Chem. Res. Congratulations to Seung Youn, Yeongyu, and Minhan!