Center for Catalytic Hydrocarbon Functionalizations

Institute for Basic Science (IBS) & Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Center for Catalytic Hydrocarbon Functionalizations

Professor Chang's group studies new organic reactions and mechanisms with transition metal catalysis. Research topics in our group have ranged in the development of new useful synthetic methodologies based on transition metal chemistry, synthesis of biologically important products, organic catalysis, chirality amplification and molecular mechanics based on molecular assembly. Research goals include transition metal catalyzed C–H bond functionalization for the carbon–carbon bond and carbon–heteroatom bond formation, development of useful catalytic organic transformations, methane activation and catalytic de-functionalization.

Hyeyun's work on Ni/photoredox amidative β-scission of alcohols is accepted for publication in JACS!

(12/06/2023) Hyeyun's paper entitled "Amidative β-Scission of Alcohols Enabled by Dual Catalysis of Photoredox Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer and Inner-Sphere Ni-Nitrenoid Transfer" is now accepted for publication at JACS! Congratulations to Hyeyun, Harin, and Dongwook!

Sourav and Jeonguk's work on γ-C–H Functionalization is accepted for publication in JACS!

(11/30/2023) Sourav and Jeonguk's paper entitled "A Formal γ-C–H Functionalization of Carboxylic Acids Guided by Metal-Nitrenoids as an Unprecedented Mechanistic Motif" is now accepted for publication at JACS! Congratulations to Sourav, Jeonguk, Manoj, Hoimin, Joon, Yeong Bum, Dongwook, and Jung-Woo!

(11/05/2023) Euijae's paper entitled "Iridium Acylnitrenoid-Initiated Biomimetic Cascade Cyclizations: Stereodefined Access to Polycyclic δ-Lactams" is now online at JACS! A huge collaboration with Prof. Giuseppe Zanoni's group (University of Pavia). Congratulations to Euijae, Hoimin, Jihye, and Dongwook!

(10/31/2023) Qing's paper entitled "Iridium-Catalyzed Migratory Terminal C(sp³)–H Amidation of Heteroatom-Substituted Internal Alkenes via Olefin Chain Walking" is now published at JACS! Congratulations to Qing, Hoimin and Dongwook!

(10/25/2023 ~ 10/27/2023) Our group went to the 132nd General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Soceity (KCS) at Gwangju! Professor Chang gave a valuable plenary speech filled with take-home lessons. 

(10/20/2023) Our group, in collaboration with Drug Discovery & Organic Synthesis Lab (Hong group), held the first ever Sports Day! We played volleyball, foot volleyball, dodgeball, throwing shoes, tug of war, relay and three-legged race. After those fun games, we had a feast of pizza and chicken at our rooftop! Yum :)